I had a few things to pick up at Lowes yesterday. Mostly just a little OSB and some sheetrock. So I hooked up the 8' trailer and headed to Cookeville.

As I was gathering these few items, I was offered a LOT of additional lumber for a great price since inventory was coming up and they needed to clean out some Cull.

On top of my OSB, I also got a case of siding, 12 or so 16' 2x10, 2x12, 7 bundles of shingles, 2 rolls of roll roofing and a few other small items.

The only way to fit this stuff on the trailer was to lay it across the front fence of the trailer and strap ti down tight. I used the shingles to weight down the front of the trailer as much as possible. Then I strapped it all down with tie-downs.

"Good to go"!!!!

1 mile on 40 the trailer stars swaying. I pull over and check the load. I move a few more bundles up closer tot he front.

"Good to go"!!!!

1 mile further down I-40 and the trailer starts swaying and I 'bout lose it.It's cutting back and forth so hard that it's jerking the the truck. I pull over and take almost everything off and re-stack the load with the 16' lumber first and I slide it up through the fence until it's only 10" from my rear bumper. Then I stack the shorter lumber just forward of center on the trailer and finish with the Shingles

"Good to go"!!!

No more swaying and the trailer is balanced well. 1 mile from home, I hear "CLUNK, BOOM, Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".

I hit the brakes and look in my mirror. The trailer is GONE!!!! But then I see this beautiful fireworks display out my side window.

"Oh, THERE's my trailer!!!!! - It's passing me!!!!!"

The tongue completely broke off, snapped the safety chains and it's plowing asphalt and making purdy sparks.

I go home, get the 16' trailer that I would have taken in the first place if I had known I was going to be hauling so much home. The wife and I transfer the load to the big trailer and I tie the 8' to the back of the 16' with tie downs and pull them BOTH that last mile or so home.

Ever have one of them days?
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