First of all, thank you to Tennessee Todd and Knight Muzzleloaders for donating this awesome door pize to be given away at the vous !!!

Don't be scared to shoot an email or pm of thanks their way !!!!

We have been given the opportunity to give away a BRAND NEW MUZZLELOADER !!!
It is a 50 caliber Knight Vision !!!
Very sweet feeling gun for sure!

It has a scope base already mounted and has fiber optic sights as well.
Brand new, in the box.
Blue barrel, black composite stock.

Ok this is our first muzzleloader giveaway and there will be some special "rules" to this giveaway.

First of all, there will be a seperate ticket given to each member that is at the vous.
This ticket will be given ONLY to members who are 18 years of age or older. We can't give a gun to someone that is too young to buy it.
This drawing will be the last one we have and YOU MUST BE PRESENT WHEN WE DRAW THE TICKET TO WIN.
If we draw your ticket and you are not there, you don't win. I am sorry but that is how it must be.
Also, due to the vous being held in a state park we WILL NOT HAVE THE GUN ON THE PROPERTY
Arrangements have been made to have the gun delivered to you immediately after the vous (within 5 minutes) off of state park property.
This is also for legal reasons and believe it or not there are people out there that would LOVE to get tndeer in trouble. Sad, but true.

Not sure who yet, but ONE moderator will be in charge of handing out these tickets and they will be writing your name down and I am sorry but YOU ONLY GET ONE ticket per member.

We are just trying to make this as fair as possible.

As to the "fairness" I had already decided myself or the other owner would not get a ticket.
I, personally, would like the moderators to have a shot at it, but I have spoken to a couple of them and both opted out to avoid any hint of anything under the table going on.

I will go on record by saying every one of them deserve more than a muzzleloader for what they do, but for this, they won't get a ticket.

I think that covers everything but if I think of, or someone brings anything else up I will add to it.

Good luck to everyone !!! \:\)

Thanks again to TT and Knight !!!

Youth is wasted on the young.