Joe could be our best 2A gun right defense if someone would ever respond or ask the right questions.

Hey Joe on the Virgina Tech Shooting (the most deadly mass shooting) How would your so called Assault weapons ban prevented it, seeing as how he used two hand guns?

Hey Joe, you Absolutely correct about a double barrel shotgun being better than so called assault weapon during earthquake apocalypse. Come to think of it, it be far more deadly in these close range mass shooting also Joe, so why are you wanting to ban so called assault weapons instead of double barreled shotguns Joe?

Makes more sense Joe, seeing as how shotguns kill more people each year than so called assault weapons.

You ever think Joe these mass shooters may only use so called assault weapons for how they look and not how they preform?

You can bet Joe would open mouth and insert foot if ever confronted on these things

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