Finally got all my stuff done and hit Garrett Lake today.

I am very pleased with my boat so far.
Put a new battery on this morning for the big motor.
I swear when you hit the key it is running before you can get your hand off the key.

Had a blast floating around and fishing. Man ran the trolling motor and had a great time.

Only hiccup was my depth finder wouldn't come on.
It worked after I put my battery on but wouldn't when we got to the lake.
Guess I got a wire loose or something, dunno.

Anyway man and I were floating around fishing and a gentleman pulled up along side us and asked, "Are ya'll from South Fulton?"

I laughed and said, OMG is it that obvious?

Turns out it was woodyard \:D

Great to meet ya man and enjoyed talking to you, and I like your boat too. \:D

We didn't catch anything but for our first trip it went great. \:D
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