344 pics (472 total with 5 cams (see bottom line for a note on that ).. almost all bucks along with a few doe and about ten coyote pics. There were a few small bucks that I didn't upload but hopefully this is enough for yall \:D (this post took me an hour to make)

I've gotten some big rack deer over the years (and a nice amount of mature deer) but this is by far my favorite. AGE guesses please lol 6.5+ IMO My dad says we should call him warrior.. very fitting name. I would kill this deer before the big 8 in a heartbeat.. It would be an honor to take such a brute, shame he broke his main beam though. Won't be a problem next year \:D

Already posted this buck 2 weeks ago but got over 100 pics of him so I'll share a few. I love his browtines--3.5????

Ready to see this one next year-2.5

Little freak nasty 2.5?

Another little deer but I liked the pic

A nice coyote pic

From a different cam but same property (we actually got the little weird rack deer on this cam too) I already posted a pic of this deer a week ago but the one he is looking at isn't a deer we have seen. see this thread for better pic of him (3.5?)

Deer are starting to shed

That cam was put there because of this.. I think this might be a sign post rub \:D

Sucky thing is we actually had six cams out... someone stole the one we put on public land.. imagine that
It's not what you got, it's what you give-Tesla

Don't go ridin' on that long black train ;\)