though this was a topic on here already but couldnt find it. Im gonna upgrade my sights this year and looking at some of the below. Any major pros and cons on them or opinions??

Used Spot Hogg Real Deal
Black and Gold Flashpoint HD
Copper John Mark iii with dove tail
Used G5 XR

those are just a few I am looking at...Ive had a MBG before and liked it for the most part but didnt like the size of the actual pins (not the optics i mean the actual pins) but it seems that has been updated.

I havent tried any of the rest....I also I not really up to speed on all this 2nd and 3rd axis stuff so that may make a difference. SOme of the sights with all that as a feature almost makes me nervous to get just because it seems to really add more complication to it lol

anyway what say you.

John 3:16