I think this got lost on my other thread.I know we are supposed to be Macho men.Not all mushy and gushy. Nothing like spending a week with someone that is terminally ill and just counting the days to bring out a whole other side of a man.

Returned from my trip. Really enjoyed the Ms and La. Delta.
I thought I would try to share a little with ya'll about the trip. My Mother was going to see a niece that she helped raise.Stage 3 terminal cancer.I drove 9 nine hours to pick Mom up at the airport and be with her during this difficult time. I thought we would get a short visit. I ended up picking up the slack and helping a very tired husband for a week. It was one of the most emotional up and down experiences in my life.A lot of laughing ,crying ,and praying. I have never been in a house with so much love and faith .I'm serious you could feel it in the air.. People coming and going that had been affected by the couple.No telling how many marriages and lives they have saved with prayer,counseling and testimony.Long story short she got her check up and 6 months later having problems with indigestion, gas, ect. and they found it.Guys and Gals tell em and show em that you Love them .Weather it is a spouse,family member or friend.No matter how much we hate going for check ups on our "Parts" you best be getting them and encouraging others to get them. and I mean full blown top to bottom all the nooks, crack's ,and crevices. Early detection of many cancers are treatable.
I'm sure the Pierson's prayer hot line to the lord has been going non stop but if you have a minute they can use all they can get
Proverbs 3:27 Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it