I saw probably 9 or 10 deer today while carrying the shotgun around looking for squirrels and enjoying my afternoon off work...

gotta wonder when this will end... I still want to be deer hunting sometimes, I'm wondering if I haven't been ruined. Looking forward to turkey season but haven't gotten "in the mood" for turkeys like I still am for deer. Been shed hunting already and found an old broken-off antler. but when I get into deer country and see all the fresh sign, I just want to set up there with my bow and wait for a deer to sneak by. I keep playing shots inside my head.

Oh well I guess it will pass soon enough. I just need some warmer weather and that smell that the air gets when spring is coming. That, and some gobbling birds... I've about had all the cold I can get, tired of my hands freezing even with gloves, ready for the warmer weather. Just gotta try and shake off that last bit of deer fever or whatever it is. Anyone in the same boat? Oh speaking of boats, I need a few things to patch all the leaks and then she's ready to go fishing again. When the weather warms up. Didn't last 10 minutes last time I went fishing, cold wind killed my fingers instantly.