I have a question -

My older brother is going to be 60 this year -

He's been thinking about his Social Security -

He owes back child support - now his children are 35 and 30 now - and he paid for many years while they were young.

Here is what happened:

He was ordered to pay child support and alimony -

He paid child support for years - the lost his job and he stopped paying - he child reached 18 and the child support stopped.

His wife did not get remarried for many years and the alimony that he wasn't paying just built up and built up -

She (his ex) went to the court and requested that 'if' the back owed alimony could be converted to 'child support' she would waive any future alimony payments.

And that seems to have happened.

I've been doing some research and it seem that 'child support' is one of only a handful of reasons that Social Security wages can be attached -

But what is not clear to me, is does that include 'back' support and is there no statue of limitations?

In addition, would an 'attachment' to SS be 100% or limited to some lessor number, 50%, like most 'other' debts?

Anyone have any experience in the arena ?

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