Rather painless to say the least.

Drove to the court house and walked in with a hand written bill of sale and the registration card from the previous owner.

Told the nice lady I was 45 years old and this was my first boat transfer.

10 minutes and about $38.00 later I had it done and she walked me through step by step (and highlighted in yellow) what I needed to do to mail in and get my boat legal.

She even said she did a transfer so the numbers on the boat would not change.

Very cool and I got the yellow copy so I can go fishing for the next 30 days. \:D

If nothing rips, tears or breaks I am going bream fishing in my new boat Saturday !!! \:D

Swung by walmart and got me a new battery new rod and reel, box of red worms, new winch strap, new fuel bubble thingy and one of those things you put on the motor to start it out of the water with a hose. \:D

Can't wait !

Oh yeah, bought me an airera... aireare.. airy.... bubble making thingy for my minnow bucket too. \:\)

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