Take a look at this article from Dec and then look at the ratings chart for all US Senators:

Where the Senate stands on guns in one chart

Being a Texas resident and voter, I must admit that I'm not very familiar with US Senators Corker and Alexander from Tennessee. One thing I noticed in the chart is that the NRA gives Corker and Alexander both an "A" rating, but Gun Owners of America gives them a "C" rating. Why do do these two groups have such a different perception of Corker and Alexander?

Also, the chart shows that the fate of Feinstein's proposed legislation could be determined by the decisions of the small group of "pro-gun" Democrats and the small group "not-so-pro-gun" Republicans like Senator Kirk from Illinois, Senator Coats from Indiana, Senator Collins from Maine, Senator McCain from Arizona and Senator Rubio from Florida.

Out of 53 Democrats Senators, 35 of them have "F" ratings. Pathetic!!!
"Florida State blew the coverage and they got rewarded for it. Coach Brian Kelly