I just received an exhilarating, unexpected, and troubling phone call.

I've posted several times here about taking Praxis I and Praxis II tests. I've been attending school to become a HS teacher and my course work ended in October and only need to complete my student teaching. I had applied to Sumner and Robertson Counties for my student teaching and Sumner County flat said no. Robertson County said we'll see what we can do but no promises and it doesn't look good. I have been unemployed since 2011 so I finally get a temporary job. My advisor just calls and tells me that Robertson County just came through today with an assignment at Greenbrier High School

I'm trying to talk myself through this. I have a temp job that will not go permanent but I need income. We do have a small VA disability on me, SSI from my step-daughter's dad and SSI from my ex-wife. My wife makes a little money so we do have money coming in. My mom is the dietary manager at a nursing home and it is possible that I could pick up a position working for her in the evening there.

We normally get a decent tax return so we would have money in the bank to make it through. Short term things would be kinda tight. Long term I could walk right into a job but at the worst I'm more employable in a school system. All of the teachers that I have talked to ask about my credentials and when I tell them I have not completed my student teaching they tell that is the problem.

Need some input, and prayers...
"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of no where; and sometimes, in the middle of no where you find yourself"