The electrical circuit that my freezer in the garage is hooked up to tripped off twice in the past 3-4 months. I finally bought a temperature alarm and have it set up to warn me if this occurs again. I also narrowed down the cause - I *THINK* it's happened whenever I've hooked up my portable compressor. It doesn't charge properly anymore, so I've quit plugging it in and just run it off of a cigarette lighter adapter.

Both times that the freezer tripped off, I experienced a partial thaw of the meat inside. Since that's happened, I've cooked one package of catfish (it was at the top of the freezer and saw the worst of the problems) and it was probably 50% ruined by freezer burn.

I cooked some ground meat recently, and smelled something odd about it so I started scraping meat off the outside of the tube as it thawed. I managed to avoid cooking anything freezer burned in that batch.

Then last night I cooked a package of steaks and had about 10-15% freezer burn in it. It wasn't noticeable enough in that package, so all the meat got cooked. My wife got a bite of it first off, and it ruined the meal for her (what a weenie!).

What would you guys do? I guess I could inspect each package and look for dark patches in the meat after they thaw and trim it off. I just hate that I might ruin an entire meal (I'm really concerned about ground meat that's harder to inspect).

I've never had such widespread freezer burn issues before.
I'm hungry and tired. Don't poke my belly.