Had a question about arrows.

The bow that I have is an '87 / '88 Browning Magnum Plus. It's in really good shape and has been well cared for. When I first got it Vonhogslayer invited me out and went over everything. Even put it on a crono (?) to test arrow speed.

If I remember everything correctly I'm at about 63lbs (it will go 70 but shoots better where we have it), and in the mid 200's per FPS.

I'd like to increase the speed a little but don't think that there is much than can be done with the mechanics. I've asked about different cams before and gotten no go answers.

That lead me to arrows. I'm using Carbon Express Devils Wrath 55/75 with Eastman Outdoors Troika ST3 100-Grain Broadheads.

Will a lighter arrow and broadhead give me more speed? What about accuracy?
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