just placed two orders and will get the broccoli planted under the lights soon as it arrives. If I had done better last year and actually saved tomato seeds, I would barely have to buy any. I only saved ghost chili seeds from last year. Couldn't save my favorite cherry tomato though - sungold F1 (hybrid). Gotta buy that one every year.

The seeds I just bought are -

tomato - Sungold F1
tomato - Red Brandywine
tomato - Indian Stripe
Broccoli - Di Ciccio

I have a couple leftover seed packets for certain tomato varieties too. But I am not going to grow half the tomatoes I did last year. Too much to keep up with. I will use the extra space for cantaloupes and butternut squash and/or cheese pumpkins.

It's getting to be that time... still got a month before I plant pepper and eggplant seeds, and a little longer before I plant tomatoes, but I gotta make sure I have the seeds I want and it's already getting late to order seeds.