What's the plans this year...I have an idea what might happen.

Stretch- I caught all these fish, cleaned 'em and I swear they're the best I've ever cooked.

Stik and Bow- arguing over dumplins and smokes.

DBLAA- bragging on his 'TEXAS SMOKER'. Great food if you like burnt meat.

Ruger- arguing with front desk about how he knows that he had 'the conference lodge booked'. I bet again this year its NOT.

FencePost- stating that Bristol is the best race track in the good ole USA.

redblood and blue5- we saw 22 yotes on the way up here.

Grizzly- stashing the good auction calls in his room and showing us the older wore out ones.

Nimrod777- playing guitar and getting mad because he's getting out played by Moondawg....and he didn't even make it this year.

catman- using the water pipes from the outside showers...to rig up his tent.

dodgeball, theone and RNT- miss again due to....working b/c they haven't in 60 days due to Ark duck season.

spit- trying to convince his wife that TurkeyBurd has moved to Dickson...so he won't have rent a hotel room.

Saltman- drinking my beer...while Unicam steals all my quarters as I use the restroom...and sleeps on my couch.

Bowriter- explaining how he conquered Everest completely naked.

DA- mustang, button buck, mustang, button buck, mustang.......you get the picture.

Strut- backing DA up...'You know that's right...tell it all brother'.

SCN and BGG- maintaining the peace and answering all questions.

Ruger- by this time has retired for the evening...lite weight!!

NBForrest- looking down on us...knowing he is on our minds.

Just a FEW from the past....good times!

On a serious note....are there any plans in the making besides Stretch's fish?

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