One of my hunting buds got tired of boot lugs catching in the grating of his treestands and "popping" at the wrong time when he moved. Since he hunts out of several hangons rather than using one climber, the comfort mats that attach to the stand weren't a good (or inexpensive) option.

Several months before the past season, he bought one of the little carpeted vehicle floor mats with the "knobby" things on the back side that grip the vehicle carpet. He cut a hole in one corner and used a D ring to attach it to his pack on the way in. He said it worked like a champ and did not slide under his feet in the stand. And, as an added benefit, he said it made a NOTICEABLE difference on his feet getting cold. I guess not having direct contact with the metal stand was the difference.

I bring it up now because he said the only issue is that the things stink to high heaven when new out of the store. He left his outside exposed to the sun and rain for several months to get rid of the rubber/carpet smell.

I intend to try it next fall.
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