Grandson and I did some doe management the next to the last weekend in Lincoln County with each of us killing a doe . I was pleased with my grandson this year even though he didn't score on a buck all though he had many oppportunities he choose not to shoot a small buck and held out until our last hunt so he said some thing was going down .He just didn't kill one for the sport of it we made sure some one wanted some venison cause we had all we needed . It was #4 (bucked out 6,8&a10 and a doe) for me and a single deer for him . God sure blessed me this season although I had to hunt when I could because of work so God be the glory ! For the life of me I can't figure out the new photobucket so no pics to post .I uploaded them to photobucket but can't seem to get them to TNdeer .
No matter the storm , when you are with God , there's always a rainbow waiting .