I have had it up to my eyeballs with some of the garbage some liberals throw out there. I have some fb friends that are ignorant to anything not liberal and lashed out. I may have to delete some lifelong friends after the comments I am sure to get.
Here is my rant-

"I have been thinking. A lot. Why is it that there are some people that support a woman's right to choose, support gay marriage and freedom of speech are so ready and willing to let the government take away or severely restrict my 2nd amendment rights? I don't get it. Is one right more important than another? As I am asked to support these things or be labeled a hatemonger, Nazi or racist, I am sickened that what I believe in is deemed evil and wrong. Why are some of my rights dispensable? If anyone expects their cause to be supported, they need to look at how supportive they are of ALL the rights given in the Constitution of The United States of America. It's not a pick and choose game unless you are willing to give up others.
Not all do but it is wearying to see folks fight with everything they have for what they want and call me a bad person for wanting my rights to stay intact. I will also add that abortion rights are not in the Constitution but my right to bear arms is. Is terminating a pregnancy and ending a life more important than me being able to protect myself or target shoot and hunt?
Scream for tolerance ONLY if you are tolerant. Otherwise, I will not respect your views any more than you respect mine."

It took all I had to be as nice about it as I was. Did I say anything I shouldn't have? My thinking is that swaying opinion has to be done in as calm a fashion as possible but I really want to slap the crap out of some folks. \:\)
Disagreeing with me doesn't make me any less right

There is a difference between being proud and being conceited

Beware the skillet ---O