NOTE..THIS was NOT me, but a paste from a site I visit regularaly!

I was at the gas station and a GSP was chatting with the clerk as I walked up. In step behind me was a 35ish woman with her husband. My Keltec was OC or as OC as a Keltec can be and at some point the couple noticed it. The man stepped past me and spoke quietly to the GSP and the GSP just nodded. The officer told the clerk he would see her later and when his hand pushed the door an inch or so as he was leaving the woman happened.

Woman- Are you really leaving
Gsp - Yes mam unless you need me
Woman- Well we do!
Gsp- How can I help
Woman - He(her husband) has already told you
Gsp- Its fine. No one is misbehaving here
Woman - We tried not making a scene but you are just going to leave us here and he has a gun
Gsp- He is PAYING not robbing and it is holstered anyway
Woman - So are you just going to ignore us complaining about him carrying
Gsp- I was trying too. What am I suppose to do?
Woman- Check him out or atleast stay until we are safely out of the store
Gsp- I am law inforcement and not a body guard. (Looks at clerk) Do you want this gentleman to leave?
Clerk- The husband yes but not him(me). He is in here all the time and I dont mind. Can both of you stay until my shift ends? (chuckles)
At this point I remembered a soda. So I told the clerk I forgot my usual but would wait outside until everyone left. He just added it real quick an told me just to grab it on the way out. And the GSP stepped back in as I headed to the cooler.
Woman- So now you are going to stay?
Gsp. Yes, it is easier than having to come in on a call
Woman- So you agree with me now just decided not to be lazy.
Gsp- Lady, I am staying so I can make sure you dont bother that man before he leaves. He is not breaking the law or even said anything. He ignored you but I dont have that option now because you are about to disturb the peace.
Woman-Well its too late now he is leaving.
Gsp - Good! You should too!

That was the last thing I heard as he held the door for me. They were still inside as I drove off. That clerk was not there tonight so I havent been able to ask as to what was said after I left. But you could tell the officer was getting peaved by the nagging and I just told him thanks as I left. Their car had IL plates so go figure, but they would not let up on the poor officer. Glad he was their because I would have likely been in a confrontation as they seemed rather ready to have one. But geeze!
"Gun Free Zones are for VICTIMS!"
John 15:13