I have been hunting for about 15 years now. For the last 8 or so it has been on my own with the exception of a hunt with my uncle every now and then. This year I set out on a new property to learn how to be a better hunter. The results were one doe off that property during muzzleloader and missing a monster during bow, but I learned a lot about patience and letting some walk to get bigger. I also hunted another farm that was new to me and used what I learned to pattern some does and help my buddy from the military on leave during Christmas get a good doe along with one for me. Then I go to go to Pulaski with a buddy of mine and in the five minute window of not raining I shot two does and a good 9 pointer(my personal best). Turns out that buck had black tongue so I felt even better about it when I saw that evidence. I just feel fortunate to have learned so much this last season and can't wait to see what I can use for this year to be even more successful.
The impossible takes just a little bit longer