I was in Warrior, Alabama this weekend delivering parts for my "retirement flintlock" to my builder. He is also a friend and Contemporary Longrifle Association artisan,who, along with another of the artisan builders were in the progress of building The CLA raffle rifle for their big show in Lexington, Ky this coming August. I had no idea that they would be there working on the giveaway rifle and was pleasantly surprised to find that the original rifle that they were duplicating was on hand as well. Now, finding an original flintlock in this excellent condition would be rare at best, but one with a documented history is like...WOW!

I was allowed to examine, handle and even sight down that long barrelled piece of American history. Kinda made me have cold chills just thinking about the part this rifle played in the formation of our nation. That day, it was in the hands of an American militiaman, citizen soldier on the right flank of General Jackson's army. They were assaulted by what was at that time the mightiest army in the world and they stood their ground. One early account said that when the redcoated rascals poured over into the redoudt that the militia was defending everyone of them was made to "bite the dust". It was a great day and I just thought I'd share.

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