Here's the deal. For the past two years I have planted this mixture in my plot. I usually stick the cams out on the plot right after planting and continue to watch the traffic through hunting season, but about nearing the end of hunting season the plot looks bare (Rape dried up and turned) and everything else seemes to be chewed to the ground as well. For that reason I normally take my cams up and don't fool with them again until I've planted again in the fall. I don't mow, spray or touch the plot until fall, right before the archery opener.

This year I decided to do things a little different. Several months back I was out hanging stands and noticed a ton of deer sign in and around the plot, and decided to sit near it for a couple of evening just to see what was going on. Sure enough, quite a bit of deer traffic. They were standing in , what seemed to me, to be tall, dead, brown weeds and feeding in the clover that was left in the plot. However, after checking out the plot just a tad closer I noticed that I had quite a bit of DER starting to break ground in different areas of the plot. I'm not sure if that's what they are after, I didn't think they fooled with DER until after the first frost or two, but after checking several of the new plants out it's obvious something is feeding on them. It could be g-hogs, but if so they have hit ever single plant in the plot.

Sooooo...I decided to hang a camera in the plot during the last little bit and my hunch was right on. I'm getting a TON of deer activity in the plot during the evening and all through the night hours. Now, all of this leads me to a few questions I need answered.

1. What should I be doing to this plot during the spring and summer months? Should it be mowed? Should it be sprayed? I do know my turkey love it right before it starts getting high and I have a lot of success in and around the plot.

2. Should that DER be reseeding itself? I was thinking this plant was a perennial.

3. What are the "weeds" I'm looking at in the plots? (I'll throw in some pics to see if you can tell)

4. Should I even fool with tearing the plot up this year with the ammount of deer traffic that's hitting it right now? I have a ton of clover, a little bit of rape along with all sorts of high weeds.

Not sure how much you can tell from the pics, but it's all I got.

This is what the plot looks like going into bow season.

And this is what is looks like by the end of deer season.

And this is what happens with no mowing or spraying. (dates are on pic. Same plot, just different corner.)
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