I have been tinkering with the idea of a bolt rifle for medium range,,500 to 1,000 yards,,my 223 does really well to 600 and the 338 is a hammer 900 out,,

I am looking at data for the Lapua X47 and 22-250 case using the 80 gr AMax or 80 Berger bullets about 3400 fps,,I have been running numbers through JBM for 2-3 days and I think the 22-250 with an 8 twist and 80 gr bullets would shoot,,to get a lot better it looks like the 180 7mm bullet with a 284 or SAUM case would be the next step up.

I see Savage makes a 250 with a 9 twist but not sure that wwould do what I want,but the 75 Berger at 3450 will stay supersonic past 1,000 yards so I may try that,,
gun junky