I was not able to go, but a friend of mine did and sent me a report.

There were about 1,000 people there.
Here is an article on it.

There were 3 Representatives there: Joe Carr & Bill Ketron spoke.  Mae
Beavers did not speak.
Also John Harris of the Tennessee Firearms Association and Hiccup 45 talked.
Nikki Goser (sp?) gave her testimony.  She and her husband Ben were working
at their restaurant karaoke business in 2007 when a guy that had been
stalking her came in and shot her husband 6 times, in front of her, killing
him. Nikki has a carry permit but because guns aren't allowed in restaurants
she was unable to do anything as her gun was out in the car. 

There is a Tennessee State House Bill - HB42 on the floor now!
http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/108/Bill/HB0042.pdf Here is a portion of it:

(a) Any federal law, statute, rule, regulation, or executive order
implemented or executed on or after January 1, 2013 shall be unenforceable within the borders of this state if the law, statute, rule, regulation, or executive order attempts to:

(1) Ban or restrict ownership of a semi automatic firearm, firearm
accessory, or ammunition; or

(2) Require any firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition to be
registered in any manner.

Make sure your representative is standing behind this bill!
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