Every winter the rats move into our barns and feed rooms and I'd been trapping them in a squirrel trap.... that is until my 2 boys took their bb guns over.

The boys wanted to go hunting the other day but, since it was pouring rain and windy I jokingly said "go to the barn and kill some rats with your BB guns". About 30 minutes later the youngest handed me a 2 way radio (best investment that Santa's brought in a while) to keep intouch with us. I turned it on and after a while the chatter was hilarious. "OVER THERE".... "DID YA GET IT??" "SSHHH", "I got one... I think".... I couldn't stand it any more so I went over to find one setting in the loft over looking the pigs room and the other guarding the feed room. They had 3 big rats in a pile. I handed them some gloves and told them to handle them with gloves on. They didn't get anymore but, they brought them home to momma who wasn't as excited as they were when they showed them to her in her kitchen.I had to save them from momma so I shuffled them outside to survey their take. 1 rat was a giant and I said "that one may make the record books but, I wasn't sure if there was an entry for rats". So, they have made their own rat record book. Momma wouldn't let us use her meat scales to have an official weight so we went with length from nose to base of the tail and then tail length. So far the biggest is 9 1/2 inchs nose to tail and had a 4 1/4 tail. LOL!!!

When we went over to the barn to feed that night we had 3 more rats in 2 traps and I laughed at them when they got mad over who got to kill 2 and who got to kill only the 1. I then told them that "cage" kills couldn't be entered into the "record book" since it wasn't a fair hunt.

LOL!!!!!!!!!! Good times.
If not for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.