Went and got some "real magic" line conditioner.

Strung out line all the way across my backyard, about 50 yards or so I guess and treated the line real good. Did this to both ultralights.

Got a spare rig in the truck just in case something happens.

Got a new rooster tail tied on each one in the fish's favorite color (yesterday) and as soon as we get out of church and change clothes we are headed to Martin.

Only thing I forgot was a second stringer so we can keep our catch seperate. Throwing them in, and totin a bucket sucks.

Just scared to put two limits on one stringer, probably wouldn't look good if a TWRA officer was to pull us as we were walking to the truck.

Usually when I am this excited about going we catch nadda. \:D

Will update later.
Best case we might actually cull some and keep just the biggest ones ;\) yeah right.
Youth is wasted on the young.