I made one last trip to KY to end the year. I saw a ton of deer and ended up killing a doe. I let several other does pass. I came so close to filling my buck tag 2 seperate times on the same 8 point. Once Thur morning and once yesterday morning. I still dont know how it got away. Both times I had him in easy bow range. Its so tough to kill one with a bow this time of year.

I also checked the trail cams that I had just put out the week before. I was surprised to see how many mature bucks were showing their face in the day light for this time of year.

It was a great yeaR. Even though I didnt get to hunt Oct-Dec I still managed to kill 5 does.

Cool picture of several does standing in the creek below me.

A pretty nice buck I would have loved to get a shot at.

It looks like this buck had already lost its left side

I didnít have a 4wheeler so I floated the doe I shot down the creek. Pretty easy way to drag out a deer.

Looks like this buck had a rough rut. Heís pretty busted up.