I can't remember who told me to get flurocarbon (sp?) line but thank you.
I believe it was said, switch to it and you will be amazed how many more fish you catch.
This is definately true.

I don't really like it but I guess it would be better if I sprayed some line conditioner or whatever on it but I don't know if I will mess with it or not.

I went from catching 1 or 2 trout per 3 hour trip to this:

We fished for 1 1/2 hours and I caught these.

All on a solid yellow rooster tail.
Then as a bonus I got this ole boy. He got a free pass.

It was definately a surprise and I could instantly tell the difference in the fight.

Man managed these. One on solid pink, the rest on solid yellow.

Tomorrow they go on the grill, some will be done with butter and Tony Chacheries (sp?) some with butter and lemon pepper wrapped in bacon and some with maybe just pepper or nothing at all.

Good day, my back is shot.

All were from a city lake.
Met a guy that told me trout were meant to be caught and released. I laughed and said thank you.
Youth is wasted on the young.