Two yotes down this morn. Hunted in a tourney this morn with BLUE 5. hit farms in bedford and in marshall.

YOTE #1..The Beast

Headed to a spot where we killed our last yote of 2012. Big Pasture overgrown with sage and choked with cedars. Set up facing west. No wind to speak of. 10 minutes into the first sequence with the V5 open reed, i spot movement at 200 yards, it yote and he is coming hard. We choose to let him come. Big boy comes up a truck path through the sage like a puppy on a string. His attention lapses momentarily when he jumps up a mouse and turns slightly. 90 yards and broadside, close enough. the r15 barks and after a couple spins, he is down for the count.

Male- 44 pounds
Byron South edition R15 .223(Thanks Plateau Hunter)
pentax lightseeker 3-9x43mm
v5 verminator

YOTE 2- Prairie Poodle

After a dry set, we proceeded to a farm that has been a great producer. coming in I spot a big male yote about 600 yards away across a big pasture heading into a woodlot. We loop around get to our ambush spot, about 450 yards from where i had seen the big male. As i get ready to start the sequence, i look out in the center of the field and see a coyote loping away from us, probably a 1/2 mile out. I get on tweety and the yote stops. A few more yelps and here she comes. Out pops a second male from behind her, but he doesnt commit. Good decision for him (i knew males were smarter). she closes from 750 yards to 300 yards. she runs to our left to find a suitable place to cross the creek and here she comes wide open. we get her stopped at 125 and blue puts a great facing shot on her and down she goes. The male who still a hlf mile out decides head north, after watching the proceding unfold. Never saw the big lone male we spotted on the way in. Anway..

29 pound female
rem model 700 classic .223
nikon scope 3-9x40
Call Tweety

this girl was in the early stages of heat and was bleeding before blue let the air out of her.


we were the tourney winners with the only two yotes killed
"I will predator hunt for food "