I got to thinking after my high fence hunt how crazy it is what some people will pay to shoot a set of really big whitetail antlers. When you consider what some of these trophy whitetail hunts cost and compare them to the price of great hunting adventures like western elk and mule deer hunts, or sheep hunts, or Alaska moose and bear hunts, or African big game hunts, or New Zealand hunts, you have to conclude that really big whitetails are one of the most prized animal trophies there is. Here's an animal that's the most populous big game animal in North America and that's hunted by the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich and just about everyone in between. It just seems insane to me that people will pay well over $10K (sometimes over $20K) to kill a really big one when you can kill a very respectable one for next to nothing if you work hard at it. When you consider the total amount of money that is spent annually on all whitetail hunting, can you think of any other animal on earth that even comes close? What about fish - do you think the bass fishing industry is bigger than the whitetail industry as a whole in terms of how much money is spent on it?
"Florida State blew the coverage and they got rewarded for it. Coach Brian Kelly