I got this idea from another site.. pretty good read.. this didnt happen to me but to my dad.. He said he has never told anyone so keep it quiet..lol..
When my dad was about 10..probably 1948 or so.. he and his uncle were squirrel hunting.. all of a sudden they heard the strangest sound coming towards them.. out of the blue came hundreds and hundreds of squirrels.. they were in total shock.. they never moved and stood there in amazement.. his uncle told him not to tell anyone..which he didnt until he told me 60 years later.. it was a great squirrel migration..
a couple of years later a guy in the community here called the local photographer to his house one night.. it was raining frogs.. they were all over his yard and had his picture took with them on the hood of his car.. this was in the 50's.. a couple of years later during a torrential down pour my dad was driving down the road about a mile from the guys house.. all of a sudden frogs started falling from the sky and covered my dads car...
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