Not my words, "Newsweak" Magazine.

This is some scary talk if you're not a Christian. Read some of the comments. Here's one that tells some of the folks on tndeer we're not alone in what we think of our Muslim in Chief.

Liberalism is a mental illness.... "

Could be, could be, but Obama has all the characteristics of a psychopath, as defined by Dr. Robert Hare in his Psychopathy Check List - Revised (PCL-R). Among Obama's psychopathic traits are glibness/superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, cunning/manipulative, and parasitic life style. Haven't we seen this before -- a nobody from nowhere whose only talent is the ability to shoot off his mouth convincingly leads the world into disaster? Oh, yes, I remember. Weimar Republic.
Good night Chesty, wherever you are!

Tolerance is a virtue of those who believe in nothing.

Deo Vindice