So the wife and I purchased bows a little before I returned back from Afghanistan because the wife said she wanted to get back into 3D shoots, so of course I agreed. So we shot the ones we had purchased for a bit well me it was only since Oct. so that makes it what 3 months or so. Well she decides she likes a bow one of our shops has hanging there she tries it out and decides its a must have, so she got a brand new Diamond Core, and yes she tired out a few others but came back to this one. Well now here comes the problem my wife has a brand new bow and I DON'T. So i asked around work and found a couple guys interested in mine and thankfully he bought it and I would have to say I came out on the better end of the deal. UH OH Dilemma #2 I have an empty bow case. I headed to Bullseye Archery in Hopkinsville and go shoot some Hoyts, they also carry bowtech but ehhh nah not my style to much of a hump for me. I shot the new charger, nice feeling bow, Shot a left over Rampage XT, nice shooting bow I like it but she gets a little jumpy if you creep at all. Then they throw a left over vector 32 in the mix and that was a darn nice bow also. I could have tried the new spyders and the Carbon Elements but ehhhh not trying to eat ramen noodles for the rest of the month :P Was havign a hard time chosing which bow but then they remembered they had another Rampage xt that had #3 cams instead of the #2 which I was shooting, I drew it back and knew it was the one, it was like a completely different bow, yeah a little less performance than the #2 Cam but I dont need a top fuel dragster in the tree stand. SO I bought it, I sure hope this new passion/hobby doesn't end up being a quarterly decision like this :P my wallet does not appreciate it. But anyways I have to give some props to Bullseye they def did me right $$ wise and service they put up with me switching back and fourth between bows and shooting them back to back several times over to help me make up my mind. Wow that turned into a short novel.