I see a lot of guys on here that use Harvester Crush Rib Sabots in their MLIIs, but which ones are used for .458 projectiles and where do you get them? I went to harvestermuzzleloading.com and could only find sabots for .451-.452 projectiles, and I like to use 300gr .458 Hornady hollow points, with a possible future switch to Barnes Originals. I also have a good bit of 300gr SSTs that I would like to use up, so would the .451-.452 cr sabots work well for those?

I currently use orange MMPs, which are easy enough to load, but tend to lose petals when shooting (45gr 5744, IIRC). When using .452 projectiles and the .451-.452 MMPs in the past, I had to beat them down the barrel to load, so I must have a tight bore. I was hoping to maintain the easy loading, while hopefully tightening up my groups a bit with a tougher sabot.

Thanks in advance