Well I went back to the city lake today to catch some of the newly released trout.

I used my reel that I spooled with Flurocarbon line.
Someone posted I would catch more fish (I did)
Someone posted they hated it (I did)
Someone posted it would break for no reason (it did)

So I didn't really LIKE it, it broke on the first hook set of the afternoon, BUT I brought home more trout than I have in one trip so I guess it is what it is. \:\)

Had a good time but I didn't carry any gloves and my hands got pretty cold.
Caught 4, lost one half way to the bank and snapped my line on the first fish of the day. \:\( Some dude was fishing as I was leaving and gave me the only fish he had to add to my mess. Thought that was pretty cool.

All in all it was a good time.
Sorry for the quality of the picture, I was cold and it was dark. I was hungry and they were waiting on me to dress them to go eat. \:\)

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