I really don't know what to say other than I'm blessed! Headed up to ky tuesday morning with a buck tag in my pocket. Shot the 1st buck tuesday afternoon. He would have been a 13 pointer but had 4 broke points! Man monster body on him and 1 of the craziest racks I've ever seen! Got him squared away headed up the road to Illinois with buck tag in my pocket and shot the 2nd buck thursday evening in a bean field! I haven't scored the 1st buck yet really don't know how too lol The 2nd buck is a 9 pointer but broke his left g1 a inch and 1/8 above his main beam but he still grossed 128" Pretty sure both bucks were 3.5 but not positive the wacky racked buck could have been a 4.5. Man what a way to end the season!