If my health continues to improve as ithas, I am looking forward to this year.

I am considering one last spring bear hunt in Canady. I also plan to go back up in the fall and try to kill a big MB buck. I will probably buy a fall bear tag as well and try for a blonde. That is the only color phase I don't have.

If I hold up, I may spend a week or ten days in NE during the rut and quite possibly two weeks in MO. I can fly to all those hunts and won't get worn out driving.

I'll spend at least three days a week this spring fishing and am going back to AL for a while to hit their pre-spawn. This summer, with a new G-kid due, I'll hang close except for an invitation to go piddle around on sage flats and look for error heads and spear points while we shoot prurie dawgs with pistolas.

I hope I live long enough to do all that and see the new youngun.

Today, in spite of all my optimism, I feel like hammered cat crap! But my wife just gave me a big shot in the butt with something that hurt. Usually, that kind werks.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.