Many people mistakenly believe that we have a democratic governement. This misconception has become more and more prevalent in our society.

A pure democracy is a government by the people in which majority rule controls. The citizens have no inalienable rights. Citizens vote on every issue that affects them and every law that has 51% of the vote is passed. Pure democracy leads to tyranny and oppression of the minority.

A republic is a government controlled and limited by certain established laws. The laws are not created by and cannot be changed by majority rule. In our country, the structure and powers of our government are set forth in the US Constitution. Even if 51% of the citizens disagreed with these laws, our government must still abide by them.

Despite being a republic, we do have a democratic system for electing officials. Officials are elected by majority vote.

Our Founders knew that a pure democracy led to tyranny. As such, our government is structed in such a way that virtually limits the possibility that our country will be controlled by the majority.

First, they created certain inalienable rights set forth in the Bill of Rights (first 10 Amendments). These natural rights prevent minority oppression since they cannot be infringed upon even if 99% of the citizens disagree with them.

Second, they divided our government into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. By doing so, they prevented any one person or group of persons from reaching absolute power. The authority and powers of each branch are set forth in Articles 1-3 of the Constitution.

Our Judicial branch consists of the United States Supreme Court and the lower federal courts. It is the federal courts, not Congress, who have the authority to interpret the Constitution and decide what the law is.

We also have a federalist government. Federalism simply means that a national gov't (federal) co-exists with state governments. States are free to regulate their citizens as long as their actions are not expressly prohibited in the US Constitution.

Thus, we have a Constitutional Federal Republic with a democratic system for electing officials.
"For I know the plans I have for you..." Jer. 29:11