This is going on in Tampa within 200 feet of an Elementary School by convicted felons:


Hillsborough County detectives have arrested 10 people for allegedly using a consignment shop as a storefront to sell assault weapons and drugs.

According to detectives, the suspects conducted the illegal transactions directly across the street from Gibsonton Elementary School.

After getting a tip about drugs at the shop, undercover detectives launched Operation Ceasefire.

They brought in hidden cameras as they made gun and drug buys at a consignment shop off of Gibsonton Drive. Over a six-month period, authorities say they were able to buy 34 firearms, 49 silencers and a variety of illegal drugs.

Parents and neighbors near Gibsonton Elementary school were caught off guard by the news.

"It's actually extremely surprising," said Rob Fernandez, a parent. "Thank goodness they caught it before it got any more serious."

Detectives say most of the transactions were happening when children had already gone home.

Some residents say they knew something weird was going on around the consignment shop because the store was so busy at odd hours of the day.

Several of those arrested in Operation Ceasefire are convicted felons.

Sheriff David Gee said with the national debate on gun control, the undercover operation is critical.

"With this national gun debate that's going on, I think this proves the point," Sheriff Gee said. "The real problem is the convicted felons that are out there."

Hillsborough detectives are still searching for three others who they say were involved in the illegal sales.

Arrest warrants are out for 49-year-old Michael Allen Fox, 53-year-old Edwina Hampton, and 23-year-old Amberlie Jones.

Hey Washington D.C., here is evidence to support GUN CONTROL ONLY EFFECTS LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.
"The fore horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follow that, and in its turn wretchedness and oppression."
--Thomas Jefferson
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