I am sorry to say, I have been warning of this for over 6 years, I finally woke up. An aredent Marine through and through and Now an aredent patriot, my heart never thought My Government would do this.

I stood fast to my beliefs that when in the Military and in the middle east i was doing everything on the premis of it was for freedom and democracy. I called so many people Concpericy theorist(just as I am called now). I have been called this by members on here.

I to followed the orders of 3 presidents and helped lead the path to were this country is today. For that I am ashamed. I know what your thinking. He is bull craping, Well I followed orders like many of my fellow Marines and Soldiers.

I fought so hard about 9/11 and all the other so called attacks and said no way, got in fights over it saying no way and lost friends. Well thats changed as so many other beliefs, and I am not alone in this. I pray more will wake up.

Their are many others that have been talking about this so much longer then me. Hell our Founding Fathers Warned Us of this and we for generation ignored it. The Masses till this day when it is being rammed down our throats. People and a mass majority still ignore it. Why because their minds a wrapped around self indulgence and gratification.

I am going to say this only once There is no coexistence with these people period, you know who I speak of. I spent to many years over there. Why well lets say they were pushed into wanting to kill us and thats all I will say. They fougfht them in the Holy Wars. Once again provoked.(opnion)

Call me what you want but when these wolves come and they will, I hope you and pray we have the resolve to do what OUR FOUNDING FATHERS DID. We owe it to our children and grandchildren. People its 1776 all over again. This time the odds are higher, there is so much at stake.

Please ask yourself this, Why was it ok for the Founding Fathers to go to War with Britian? Then ask yourself why is it ok for US to go to war in all these other Countries. then the biggest question of ALL


As a Patriot said who was against the Revolutionary war, Our kids will know of it first hand, it will not be fought on foriegn shores or on a distant battle field. It will be fought here amongst us and many will die. That Patriot changed his mind as so many others did.

Thats what this Country is afraind of. We are no different, this is Rome,Communist China, Russia, Germany, England style rule all wraped into one.

I do not want this anymore then the next person, but now there comes a time we must make a stand and choose sides. I stand with the Founding fathers beliefs. So help me God.

I make no apologies for My opinions and beliefs. I took an Oath to defend this Country.

I do not bend like this so called puppet president and government making apologies to other countries. I wont make them here.

Thank you

Sgt Matthews
Semper Fi (USMC 1981-1991)
Molon Labe
I am a cancer Killer.