Just finished this today. I have one fawn head in the woods behind the house, if a critter doesn't drag it off I will take the jaws from it as well so I have a 0.5-year old jawbone to add to the collection. These are mainly for aging purposes, so I can study them and get better at aging jawbones along with advice from experienced people and the internet...

The youngest is 1.5 years old, from a jaw I picked up by the side of the road. The oldest is 5.5 from the one-horn buck I killed in early November. 5 of them are my own kills. 3 of them are pick-ups, one of which being the 1.5 year old doe by the road, another being from a 4.5 year old doe (I have the intact skull too) and the third (the most stained from soil) being from the 4.5+ year old freak nasty buck skull I picked up in 2010.

Does anybody else keep a few jawbones just for show or for reference when aging deer?