I never got around to posting them, but I got some cool game cam videos of critters the other night. The best was of a coyote howling right into the camera.

Anyway, someone sent it to WTVF Channel 5 in Nashville, and they came out and interviewed me for a story. Here's the clip.

Game Cam TV Clip

I'll post later about this, but it's the perfect time to plug my game cam seminar. Please come to my game camera class at University School of Nashville on Tuesday, February 26. Great for kids, adults, outdoorsmen and women, and nature lovers. It's only $20 for a great cause.

Game Cam Class Registration

Under "Arts and Hobbies," my class is #707, "Remote Game Cameras Made Easy." $20 - The proceeds benefit need-based K-12 scholarships for USN students. I hope to see you there.
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