I was wondering now that the season is over and you look back at some crazy circumstance that just flat ruined your day in the woods. What would be your best story?
My story begins during archery season in October 2012. I park my truck and make my way down the field to my stand site which is about 300 yards or so. I was hunting about 40 yards into the woods on the outside corner of the field where it narrows. I got my climber on the tree and reached the 22-25' height and settled in. In the distance I could hear a helicopter flying above the woods that I was hunting and it seemed as quickly as I heard him he is there hovering above my stand. Unable to figure out what is happening I do nothing (not so smart). A few minutes later I see spotlights in the field that I had passed through earlier to get to my stand. Now I'm concerned but the helicopter is making so much noise I can't understand what anyone is saying over the bullhorn. Finally,I make my way down the tree leaving all my stuff behind and walk out to meet the sheriff. He is waiting for me in the field and calls my name as I approach and after acknowledging it was me he tells me to get into his vehicle. Seems that one of the neighbors had threatened his wife and had gone into the woods armed. The heat sensors in the helicopter had picked up my image and I suppose picked up an image of my bow in hand as well. The sheriff showing up saw my truck along with my 4 wheeler and ran my tags.They were going to send officers in at daylight but definitely wanted me out of the woods. Had to leave everything there until that evening. As for the armed neighbor in the woods it was more of a he said versus she said but I don't think he was in there.