So I was really excited about my new 5# LEM sausage stuffer that I found a venison sausage snack stick recipe on my favorite BBQ smoking website/forum ( I thawed out 10 lbs of venison and some ground pork butt.

I ordered 17mm collagen casings (as the recipe calls), got the meat mixed and seasoned.. but when I went to put the casings on the stuffer tube.. they didnt fit. No one had a 3/8" sausage stuffing tube for my stuffer in the immediate area so I had to alter the plan.

I had to put the sausage back in the fridge for over 24 hours while I came up with Plan B. After calling every sports store around Cleveland the reality set in that I was going to have to scrap this meat or try something different. I found an Eastman's Sausage Variety kit that had natural casings in it - so I used that.

First time using the stuffer and I am hooked. I got a lot to learn.

Here is the recipe.

And here is the sausage porn.

All stuffed up and no where to go... but the smoker

Fresh off the smoker...
Any time you can get out to hunt, is a good day to hunt.