We want to plant a mix of items in early Sept to ensure we have something growing for deer throughout hunting season, espcially December. We are breaking the ground up with with four wheeler but spreading the seed by hand. Soil is actually quite good, not red clay, and very loose/easy to break up, lots of small rocks.

We are planting on roads through young planted pines (lots of natural browse there) mostly in the hope that a deer will step out to eat and stop long enough for a shot (the roads are about the only shooting lanes we have). We used a Tecomate mix this spring and it has done very well. Annual or perennial does not matter at this point,we just want something green growing in these roads on those cold frosty mornings in second gun season. We are open to planting, overseeding, reseeding through the month of September as needed. Things that are the least susceptible to drought, planting depth, soil PH, etc. are what we are focusing on. Any thoughts?