OK guys, Im the president of the West Tn. chapter of the NWTF.We are getting ready to start our annual membership drive. We are able to get seed through the NWTF at a hugh discount. This is seed that was surplus, and not used last year.It will be round up ready corn, and a soybean blend.The price hasnt been determined yet, but should be around $16-$20 per bag for corn, and around $8-$10 per bag for beans. This is a HUGH discount. For all you guys that do plots, this is a great deal. This seed must be used for wildlife. Our only requirment is to join our chapter as a regular member, $35 . This membership also recieves the turkey call magazine, plus you recieve free admitance to the National NWTF show in Nashville, a $20 value in its self. The seed usually arrives here in early April, and you will be notified of the pick up dates and time. I had lots of interest last year, so tell your friends. Ther is a limit of 5 bags each per person, and will be determined by the number of people who sign up. This order is a request,we arent sure how much we will recieve, but we have a truck load ordered. PM more to sign up, or for info. This is a great way to get your deer plot seed at a great deal Thanks Tickweed
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