So since I moved in to my new apartment, I have been overrun with squirrels. I thought once the season started I could take my little nephews pellet gun and take care of my problem. However, I noticed that was a pretty ambitious goal after seeing around 30 squirrels in the span of about 1 hour.

The only way to really take care of this is to put a few traps on my roof and in an abandoned section of our apartment (ok with landlord). The landlord "agrees" to help me but her solutions are pretty silly and usually the cheapest way out.

Do any of you have good suggestions for trapping? The only traps I know of do not consistently catch squirrels (trigger trap with stick and string). These things don't make a peep during hte day but at about 11pm they go nuts. I have no access to an attic crawl space so my traps will have to go around holes and on the roof.

Thanks! Afterwards, my contribution can be a good recipe for squirrels in the cooking forum lol.