CELINA, TX - A Celina Texas father has been arrested for testing the safety at his son's school by pretending to be a gunman.

Ronald Jay Miller has been charged with committing a terroristic threat.

Celina ISD Superintendent Donny O'Dell says Miller came to Celina's elementary school at 7:50 AM Wednesday pretending to be a gunman to show how easy it would be for an actual gunman to break into the school.

O'Dell says he then acted out shooting people pointing to them and saying "you're dead"

O'Dell says the father had good intentions but terrible timing in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings.

He is being held on bond at the Collin County Jail.


I know he ment no harm, and yes it wasnt the smartest thing to do, BUT the worst and scariest part of this is they charged him with committing a "terroristic threat". Fort Hood or nothing else do they call terrorism, Yet This they do.
You better get ready all you gun and bible clingers,we under this administration are and will be made to other to beleave we are the terrorist.

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