I have a Bradley Smoker. I set the oven temperature but can't get the oven to heat but 1/2 that temperature. It's out of the wind and I even half close the damper to try to hold heat in. Anyone have any ideas why?

Pertaining to meat grinders....I have the Cabelas 1 1/2 hp grinder and it'll do up a bunch of meat in a hurry. I love it but when you get to the end of a sausage stuffing segment with all the meat in the grinder is there a secret to get the remaining meat between the end of the auger and the stuffing tubes to come out? This could be as much as 1/2-3/4 pound of meat. On the big casings I can hand stuff the rest of this meat but on the smaller stuff (17-19 mm casings) it's hard to get the meat stuffed into them. Any suggestions?